How to Earn Money from Your Blog Effectively: My Recommendations

After searching a lot about how to make money from your blog, you finally reached here. So, let’s not waste much of your time and get start with really good ways for earning money from your blog.

I am not going to show you 20 or 30 or 100 ways to earn money because most of them are bogus and will do more harm than good. I am just going to focus on Really Sustainable ways to get income from your website.

How to make money from Blogging

So, let’s start with the basics, you will earn money only if you have good traffic and in order to get the good traffic you have to focus mainly on the website quality. Each of your articles must have something good and must provide value to the readers. Once you get sustainable traffic on your website/blog, you can easily monetize that traffic and earn some bucks.

In this post, you will learn various ways to making money online, but please don’t apply all these methods altogether. Go slow, try one after another and see what works best for your website. Also, keep checking the change in the traffic too. Because if you over-optimize your blog for money, your traffic will reduce slowly.

All the below techniques will help you monetize your blog so that you can continue to grow your blog. But let me remind you of one thing, never make / start blogging just for earning money. Because whenever someone does this, he/she will sooner or later get in trouble as the intention is not to share knowledge, ideas, stories, etc. and hence you will slowly decline the quality of your website and eventually your traffic will decrease with decreasing quality.

Let’s get into the detail of topic.


8 Tips to Earn money from your Website:

  • Create and Sell your Own Product
  • Google AdSense (PPC Advertisements)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Teaching / Training / Coaching
  • Sell your Skills
  • Premium Content / Memberships / Paid Newsletter
  • Allowing Sponsored Posts
  • Product Reviews

Let us discuss each method One-By-One

1) Create and Sell your Own Product

Basically, there are 2 main reasons to start a website. It is either that you want to start your online business or you are starting a website which provides useful information to your readers.

In both the cases, you can easily create and sell your products online.

How to make money online - Create and Sell Your Product

If you are starting a website to share the information with the users, then you might be having some good knowledge about a particular topic. You can make an e-book and sell it online on your blog as well as on amazon.

If you know coding, you can make your own themes or widgets or you can get it done by someone and then sell the themes and widgets. If you are a good artist and know to use some designing tools, you can even start selling graphics on your website, it can be a logo or infographics or it can be some customized images.

In case you have your business, then you might already have your own product. It can be your service or actual physical product. So by selling them you can create money. This is actually a normal business.

To get more out of this business you might need to improve your website performance in the google search results by doing Search Engine Optimization. And the best way to do it is to hire some good Digital marketing agency (you can even contact us)


2) Google AdSense

Google AdSense can help you get some good money by placing Google Ads on your website. I recommend Google AdSense to most of the publishers because it is the most reliable source to get some good money.

How to make money online - Google AdSense

Now, the biggest issue is to get an approval. But once you get your account approved, you can easily monetize your online blog and earn money.

Google will approve your account without hesitation if your blog or the information provided on your blog is completely satisfying Google AdSense content policies.

So once you get the Google AdSense account approved, you can start making good money. Now to get more out of Google AdSense, you need to get consistently high-quality traffic. It might sound difficult to get high-quality traffic, but if you do the basics right and don’t work just for getting money, then you can surely achieve the success you wish for.

For adding Google Ads on your website you just have to log in to your account and create ads as per the space you have. Let’s assume you have space on your website where you can implement a vertical banner ad, then you can create a 160×600 or 300×600 dimension ads and place on the website. There are various ads sizes available along with a responsive ad which can adjust itself to the available size.

Please read Google AdSense placement policy before implementing the ads on the page. The page content should be 80% and the ads should not be more than 20% of the page. Also, for mobiles, there should be only one ad at a time on the screen.

Google Pays you on per click basis and a few cents on impressions as well but the major revenue comes from clicks. So whenever any users click on the ads on your website, you will receive some revenue. This revenue is calculated by keeping various factors in mind such as the bid price, ad type, etc.

So, in order to get most out of the Google AdSense, you need more traffic and proper ad placement so that the ads get noticed by the user and if they like to explore the offer presented in the ads they can click and go the particular offer page.

Always keep a healthy environment on your website and do not make or force users to click on the ads also don’t guide them to click on the ads. Let the user decide if that ad is useful for himself or not. If you ask your users to click on your ads, google might not give you the money for that click and if this continues then Google can even ban your AdSense Account.

For those who cannot get your Google AdSense Account approved can try other ad networks. There are some ad networks like

  • Chitika
  • Infolinks
  • Vigilinks, etc.

They can also be helpful to earn some money from your blog but none of them are as powerful and reliable as Google AdSense.


3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process where you become an affiliate (partner) with some brand and sell their product or service and in return, you will receive a particular percentage of share in the revenue generated by your sales.

How to make money online - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good source of income. There are many opportunities available for affiliate marketers. About 90% of E-commerce industry started their affiliate programs where the publisher can publish their products and refer traffic to the website and if that traffic converts to the customer the publisher will receive money.

This money can be the one-time commission or it can be recurring amount depending on the affiliate program.

The most common affiliate program is Amazon Affiliate. There are a lot of publishers which are earning via amazon affiliate program and their sole bread and butter come from the amazon affiliate only. You can earn from 10$ to 1000$ per day via amazon affiliate.

Not just in the E-commerce industry, the affiliate is now becoming a part of various industrial verticals. People are earning good affiliate income via web hosting affiliates, software affiliates, etc. You can even earn by just referring people to the website and can earn up to 1$ per 25 visitors.


4) Teaching / Training / Consulting

If you are good at something, it can be related to coding or making food or designing or anything similar where you can teach to newbies in the field then you can start your own teaching or training section on the website along with blogging.

How to make money online - Teaching online

There are various bloggers in the blogging industry who has training section on their website or they are connected with some training centers where they can teach students online via skype or arranging webinars.

Bloggers generally teach How to earn via blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Affiliate marketing, etc. Many bloggers also teach how to make a WordPress website and much more.

Suppose you are good at cooking and you are running a food or recipe blog, then you can also start a section in the website where you teach others how to make a particular recipe by guiding them on the call or having a skype call while they make. This way you can earn a bit.

I know a woman, she is Indian and lives in the USA with her daughter and son-in-law. She used to sit idle at home all the time and was really wishing to do something so that she can help them financially. She found my reference on LinkedIn and asked me what should she do. I asked her about her passion and she said she loves to cook. I said that’s perfect, then teach the Indians in the USA (NRI’s) to cook Indian food. I added her number in the local directories and also did some local promotion for her and within 2 weeks she started earning around 20$ per recipes and she was getting about 3-4 phone calls per day. So just like her, you can also teach others what you know and earn.

You can also start consulting business online. You can be a Digital Marketing Consultant if you know every aspect of digital marketing.

If you are good with business strategies you can be a business consultant, you can be software consultant, you can be accounting consultant.

You can consult on anything you know this will also let you earn some money. You can be Career Consultant too. Its just you need to be good at what you do and if you are good at something and definitely people will come for your advice.


5) Sell your Skills

Selling your skills, this is also a great way to earn money.

Bloggers sell their skills such as Logo Designing, infographics designing, article writing, link building, recipe writing, and much more. You can start something similar to this.

How to make money online - Sell your Skills

I have listed this thing separate from selling your products and teaching because in selling your products, you have to make a product first and then sell it. While in teaching you are selling your time and knowledge but not physical or digital product. But in this, you have to make the product on demands. So if you are logo designer, you cannot make a ready to sell a product, you have to make it custom according to the client’s requirements.

You can sell your skills online on your website as well as other websites where people looks for someone like you who can work for them without a contract. This is also known as freelancing. Some website where you can sell your skills are

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

And much more similar websites…


6) Premium Content / Memberships / Paid Newsletter

Monetizing your website with Memberships, premium content and paid newsletter is also a great way to earn big amount.

Suppose you run an online business and you are regularly launching new products, then membership could work great. You can first release the product only to the paid members and then to the free users.

It is not really necessary that you need to have new products, if you are a blogger then you can make a membership area where you discuss your most valuable knowledge such as you teach your most important techniques to the paid members.

You can also earn by premium content as it is also a great way to get more money from your blog. You can ask your users to pay first before accessing your content. So if you are doing really well with your blog and you have a good amount of traffic on your website then you can start with premium content too. You can share your case studies in this section.

For example, if you are running a recipe blog, then you can keep some of your unique recipes in the premium content section and if someone wants to try those recipes then they have to pay before accessing the content. Also, you can start e-books. You can collect the best of your articles and combine them to make e-books and then you can sell that e-book as a premium content.

You can also do this with videos, create a How-to videos and then lock it and if your user wants to see that video they have to pay before watching the video.

You can start premium or paid newsletters. Every time you add something to your blog then your paid subscribers will receive an email with the list of new blogs which are available updated on your website.

This sounds easy, but keep in mind this is not for beginners because if you are new and don’t have anything valuable to offer on your website then no one will pay for becoming a paid member or explore the premium content and sign-up for paid newsletters.


7) Allowing Sponsored Posts

Letting other to post on your website is also a good way to keep your site engaging as well as earning money. You can also allow people to post sponsored post on the website and mark it as featured post in the sidebar or above all the free posts for a particular time.

There are many advertisers who will pay you for publishing their article on your website. Generally, when you are allowing sponsored posts then the advertiser will give their article and you just have to publish it on the blog. Also, don’t blindly post them, check if that content is unique or not, or you might face duplicate content issues on your website.

There are some things to keep in mind is that you don’t allow those topics that don’t interest your audience or it will be useless to you and none of your users will access that sponsored post. I have noticed traffic drops on various websites where publishers allowed an irrelevant post on their blog just to get some extra bucks. So keep this thing in mind before allow the sponsored posts.


8) Product Reviews

To earn money by reviewing products is not easy but not too tough either. You just need to have complete knowledge about the product you are reviewing. There are various products you can review on, it can be any gadget, software, hosting, themes, etc.

How to make money online - Product Review

Bloggers generally do their affiliate marketing by their review posts. Suppose you are doing affiliate marketing of some hosting company then you can write the review and embed your affiliate links inside the post and earn by the affiliate. You can also write a comparison article and embed your affiliate links inside it. This also works well.


  • Don’t try everything together. Try combining 2 of them. Make sure you don’t have ads on your premium content or your viewer might find it annoying. Don’t implement too many ads on free content too. Just focus on proper ad placements. You can start Training, selling products and selling your skills together.
  • Post Regularly and try to get more visitors by promoting your website. Use social media as well as do search engine optimization.
  • Don’t forget to give time to your blog as well and more importantly your health, otherwise, you can work only for some years.
  • These are the good sustainable and reliable ways of making money online from your blog. You might find many other ways to earn money some works and some won’t. Just keep in mind that don’t just focus on money. Focus on making an audience and the money will automatically start flowing in. Focus on quality, be consistent and be patient. Don’t expect to money will come from the 1st day of publishing.

Please feel free to comment if you have any doubts and if you have something to share with others on this topic.

Work Hard and make Money… Good Luck.!



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