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If you are ready to be the part of a TechSparker.com and want to contribute to our website, then you can reach to us through this page

If you are an internet geek who is enthusiastic to share knowledge and Ideas on Internet marketing, SEO, Social Media, Word press or any technology related topics then feel free to share with rest of the world. Willing to submit the guest post? All you have to do is fill this simple form below.


Content Guidelines:-

We would strictly consider contents related to following categories only:-

  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging Tips
  • Earning Money by blogging
  • Technology Related Stuff


Some more points that we want to like to mention here, before considering your guest post to include on the website. The content for Guest Posting must be unique with a good and attractive title which should attract the audience to your blog. It will be beneficial for you as your guest contribution post will bring traffic to your website or blog. So it’s necessary to have an attractive and informative title which can grab audience attention and also the title must be relevant to the topic of your post.

Another thing which you must keep in mind before submitting is to have a good descriptive post with minimum 800 words. You can include images and videos (you may provide a link to your video and we will manually add it in your post). From our side, we can give you maximum 2 links to your blog or website (if you want to link to your video then we will give 1 link to your video and another 1 link to your website.)

Now, once your post has been passed through the manual inspection and after it is accepted by the team, we would post it on our site as soon as possible. When your post has been published, then will send you the link by mail.

Since we receive too many emails for the guest post every day, we cannot permit the acceptance in bulk. Therefore, we are only allowing only a few outstanding and worth reading contents to be published on TechSparker.com. This helps us to maintain the quality of our blog.

If you haven’t heard from us then don’t worry, because whether we have decided to accept or reject your post, we will definitely mail you. If your post is rejected we will tell you the clear reason for the rejection. We will also provide you the guidance which can help you write better. This way we reach to exact content that matches the expectation and the mentioned guidelines. The reason of efforts from our side is because we want more and more people to participate and contribute to TechSparker.com.


Some Common Reason for Rejection of Guest Posts:-

 Whenever someone reaches us with the request for guest posting we follow the minor process before we can conclude whether to post or reject it. The first step would be to check the category of the post, if and only if it matches our mentioned list of categories we would take the process further.

One approved with the category, we then check the title relevancy with respect to the body content. If feel the title is according to the post, then we analyze for its length and how appealing it would be for the audience. The title as mentioned should make the readers click on the article.

Finally, we scan the document through some online plagiarism checking tools.  After passing your post through various verification test, we would finally decide to post your content on TechSparker.com. But in the case your request is rejected, then some common reason can be:

  • Your Guest Post is too short. ( There are always exception if the author comes with a unique Idea )
  • The topic is not relevant to any categories mentioned above.
  • The Post doesn’t provide any relevant and useful information to the readers.
  • The Guest post is written with the intent of promotion only. It’s looking more like an Advertisement rather than guest post. (If you want to advertise on Techsparker.com then you can visit our advertising page)
  • Content is already published elsewhere.
  • If your published post is posted elsewhere then we will remove your post from our blog. (Once we publish, we reserve its rights and we cannot allow you to post it anywhere else on the web.)
  • Your mail didn’t reach us (Rare Case!)


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